Basalt laboratories for soil testing
  • Basalt laboratories for soil testing
    Basalt Laboratories for Soil Testing

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Basalt laboratories for soil testing

Basalt Labrotory is established in 2016 at UAE, is one of the leading organizations in the field of Geotechnical Studies, Construction Material testing, Geophysical Survey& Environmental testing.

We have been very successful in working with other professionals as part of a team to meet complex development challenges throughout U.A.E and have effectively carried out a considerable amount of Geotechnical Investigation , Construction Material testing, Land Surveys, Chemical Testing ,etc . Be it to investigate the feasibility of your new venture, plan for a new expansion or relocation of your existing business to a new site we can help you with the best solution for your survey needs to suit the time lines and your personal preferences. Our policy is to anticipate any issues on a project and give our client a fair and realistic cost and scheduling estimate. We dedicate at least one and sometimes several Professional geotechnical investigation to the project.


As a technical services company, we are very aware that we need to have the best technical skills available. Through our many years of experience, we discovered it is more valuable to our company and clients to pay close attention, not only to technical skills, but also to a cultural fit in the applicants seeking to join our ranks. Once we identify candidates with the desired technical skill set, we then select people who closely align with our corporate culture and CORE Values.


As we approach our 6th year in business, we are exceedingly proud of the depth of experience in the Geotechnical Laboratory at U.A.E. We are fortunate to have many long-term employees who mentor the new faces that join our team. Additionally, the continued infusion of top talent guarantees we are always on the cutting edge of available technology.


To identify and needs of our customer's satisfaction by our quality products and services delivered on time, in conformance with their requirements, through professionally trained team and support by our committed management.

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M-36, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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